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Making our tiles.....

The whole process of making, designing and decorating the tiles takes place in our studios in Oxfordshire.  We begin by making the tiles with bags of raw clay and chemicals.  The clay is pushed through a special machine made for us in Australia, which mixes the clay, removes air bubbles, and then extrudes a ribbon of clay ready for cutting.  The tiles are dried for up to 3 weeks (depending on the air temperature), and then fired.

The "biscuit" or "bisque" tile is then glazed (by hand) and if required, decorated. The firing temperature is usually between 1000°C and 1070°C, depending on the glaze.  For frost proof glazes suitable for outdoors in cold places, glazes are fired up to 1210°C.

The clay extrudermachine

Stamping the back of the tilesmaking tiles

Drying racksdrying shelves

One of our many kilnsbiscuit tiles


Ready to firecranks

The stencils used for transffering the image to the tilespons

Painting the tilepainting tiles

Some of our display shelves in our Studiodisplay

Fresco tile displayfresco display

Delft tilestile display