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some of the comments we have received over the last few years....

Dear all.   I stand in my new kitchen absolutely amazed by its beauty and most of this is down to you all, particularly Neil.   I cannot thank you enough  - it's more than I ever imagined it could be.--PT 10/08/15

I have unpacked each box very carefully & laid them out per your fabulous very clear instructions, tiler will be thrilled to see that ! They have all arrived perfectly safely and look beautiful.  I am thrilled with the final product and know my husband will be too.  Thank you and Douglas for such a superb product and wonderful customer service.  Whenever I get an opportunity to pass your name on I most certainly will.  Many thanks once again.--Viv 28 july 2015

I saw the client yesterday and they just wanted to say again how pleased they are with the tiles, how much life it brings to the room, and how delighted and grateful they are to you for jumping through so many hoops to achieve this for them!--Lucy 2/4/14

Just a quick email to say that we are delighted with the tiles. We now have them on the wall and it looks even better than we expected. Thanks very much for the great service, and we’ll definitely think of you again if we need more tiles.--David October 2013

I hope you can receive this attachment: a photo of our very beautiful tiles, in place, in our kitchen project.  We are utterly thrilled with them, and the modifications to the designs work perfectly with our older tiles over the sink area. With many thanks for your fabulous products and superb customer care.-- RW August 2013

Wow, oh Wow.  The tiles are fantastic, I can't wait to see them up.  I will be sending photos when all is finished.  Thank you both so very much, I cannot begin to express how delighted we are are. Many, many thanks.--Sheila 2012

As a perfectionist I rarely encounter what I consider to be a “perfect job” however the tiles you sent me were perfect in every respect.  The artwork, colors, antiquing and variation of finish were superb.  I don’t believe anyone could have done a better job; hats off to you and your staff.--S.M.  San Francisco, CA  '04

Dear all,
I really am so thrilled with my tiles order, which I unpacked today. The painting is beautiful, and wonderfully authentic-looking, and I do think they are a most worthwhile decorating 'extravagance' which will absolutely make the rooms they are to go in. Thank you.--J.H. '09

Just wanted to say how much we are enjoying the beautiful tiles you made for us- much admired by everyone.  They have made the kitchen really special - the kitchen looks wonderful and is a joy to work and eat in it--T.W. '09

This is to inform you that shipment with all tiles was received this morning and none of the tiles were broken. I have put together panel and it looks outstanding. I commend hard work you have done and it was pleasure to have business with you.I wish your Studio to keep up the good work and steer your own vessel through these difficult times.--I.B. Latvia

We love them to bits. They are full of charm and invention and wit and grace. Every one different, yet all completely harmonious. They're a triumph, and a great treasure. Please give our compliments and warmest thanks to KHL. I hope he or she had fun doing them: it certainly looks like it.--A.& N,  '09

Hi I just opened the tiles which arrived this morning and they are absolutely fantastic!!!!! Thank you so very much indeed I am so pleased and they are better than I thought. I can't wait to put them behind he AGA when the builders get a move on.                 --Charlotte  2011

First let me say that when I took the tiles out of the box, I was absolutely delighted.  They are beautiful and everything I hoped they would be. The colors, the variations, the designs--everything--gorgeous.
I was so thrilled.--C.E. Fresno, CA,  2011


The tiles have arrived safely and I am delighted with them.

The painting of the ships is simply magnificent and the crackled glaze/corner decorations are exactly what I was hoping for.

As I greatly appreciate the work & skill involved in their crafting I can assure you that each will be cherished as a work of art.--David, 2012

Thank you so much for the work that you did and the great job that you did matching new artwork, color and glazing to tiles that were over 50 years old.--D.G. 2012

It is absolutely beautiful, I will now have to improve the room around it just to merit its presence.  I can't thank you enough, I can only start planning other rooms to receive the treatment! -- E.H. 2012