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pub tiles

These tiles were painted for a restaurant in Kent. We used images from our Delft blue and white tiles, painting them on mixed white glazes, and surrounding the panel with Relief Borders, RXR01-03.

scallop tiles installed in kitchen

Dark green scallops make a dramatic impact in this client's kitchen

ceramic tile panel spanish still life

This panel was designed and painted for a client in Oxfordshire with a love of 17th C Spanish still life.
tile panel "Fish following bait" for a Japanese client.

pomegranate mixed delft

A panel designed to achieve an antique mixed collection effect.  The pomegranates featured here can also be used as a solid pattern (see below)--in this case with a different colour way.


delft tiles

Here we used the border designs from some antique Delft tiles a client had collected and combined them with our own  images. See DEL19 in Single tiles.


A panel painted for a kitchen based on a Pre-Raphaelite painting.
agaOur mixed Polychrome Delft tiles work well in this Aga installation.
ceramic tile panel of farmyardA farmyard scene based on a painting by Edgar Hunt.

paul revere

A panel for an American client base on a print by Paul Revere of Boston Harbour

Welsh map

A map of part of Wales for an English client.

bird tile panel

This panel, 20 feet wide,  was created for a client in England.  It consisted of 15 groups of Birds of Paradise.


bird of paradise

birds of paradise tile panel

birds of paradise tile panel

birds of paradise tile panel

hyacinth macaw

eton college

eton college

The Arms of Eton College on the boathouse at Dorney Lake, scene of the London Olympics rowing races.  The panel is a metre high and made of high-fired ceramic. The smaller shields are placed above each of the individual boat houses.

eton college

aesop6 fablesOne panel of 10 depicting the Aesop's fables done for a client in America.  Each panel is 8" x 12" (20 x 30 cm)

Balloon tile panelA fanciful balloon painted for a London client.

Greek figuresGreek Figures painted on our Fresco tiles.  The individual images are listed in the Single Tile catalogue.

homer tile panel

Here a client from Bermuda wanted tiles above her range to look like a framed painting.  We used specially cut tiles to achieve this effect.

pheasants tile panel

grouse tile panel

woodcock tile panel

Game birds are a popular subject.  We have done many over the years.

Detail from the Fireplace panel below, leftfireplace bird

fireplace tiles

We are often commissioned to create tiles for fireplaces.  The one on the left was done for an American client with native American birds.  Below is a fireplace using designs based on 17th C tiles depicting battleships we made for Kings College, Cambridge.  This also was for an American client.  

ship tiles

sinbad tile panel

This spectacular panel depicts Sinbad the Sailor.  The style is based on William de Morgan, a famous English tile maker and designer of the 19th C.  

lady of shallot tile panel

"The Lady of Shalott"  by Waterhouse which can be seen in Tate Britain.  Here recreated on tiles!

neptune tile panel

This panel depicting Neptune was commissioned for the Grand Hotel, Brighton, along with other similar panels.

scarlet macaw

parrot tile panel

One of several tile panels mounted on a plain painted wall.  A special ceramic border was created to go with the panels.

delft tile panelA traditional Delft Bouquet and Vase panel painted for a client in Knightsbridge, London.

fresco tile panelA small panel painted on our Fresco tiles after the Roman original.

pattern tiles

The Palm Court design.  Originally for a client in New York. 

ceramic tile patterns

Palm Court in reds

On the left there is a pink variation of the Ladies & Gentlemen usually in blue.

ladies & gents in pink

mixed delft

Increasingly popular is the use of a random mix of styles, glazes, painting colour, imagery and corner ornaments and background colour to create the feeling of a collection of old tiles, an approach that has always appealed to us. 

portuguese panel sample        

Detail of â€‹a Portuguese style panel painted for a client in Singapore.

Torcello Lions

A panel based on some stone carving from the island of Torcello in Venice.

tile panel with deer

Designs like this 16th C Portuguese tile panel can be easily adapted in both dimensions and colour.

delft tile panel

This is based on an 18th C Dutch tile panel and was painted for a client a few years ago.

tile panel
Saffron Picker.  From a fresco found at Santorini​.