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Drawings & Mockups

The process of ordering tiles may begin with a drawing or mockup to help visualise the finished product.  The following images are taken from our past work.

williams polychrome 3D

3D mockup

fireplace mockup

A mockup to show the Palazzo design with borderspalazzo mockup

polychrome flowers

chartier cups mockup

Linlithgow fireplace

Delft fireplace

Delft fireplace 2

aesop mockup

3D mockup

woodstock blue delft

tiepolo drawing

cherub and dolphin

A watercolour sketch for a large swimming pool mural.Dionysis drawing

Sketch for a fish panel with relief borderfish drawing

Layout for the Santorini design with enlarged centre star and borders each side.  The maroon colour was developed for the client.Santorini layout