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Our tiles come with two basic finishes, GLAZE and FRESCO.  

Natural crackle glaze

plain fresco

Natural Crackle glaze

Fresco finish

antique file

crackle glaze

Crackle Glaze

Antique Glaze

rustic tile

non crackle

Non-crackle glaze (will crackle eventually but is unlikely to be noticeable).

Rustic crackle glaze on a Rustic tile body.



These can be a conventional plain glaze, or a ​Crackle glaze.  The crackle can be "Natural"--in the glaze but not emphasized, or "Enhanced"--easily visible.  We mix our glazes ourselves and apply them by hand, so there can be natural variation and deliberate, as in the "Antique" look and "Rustic" glazing.  

With glazes there are 4 choices:  

1) Non-Crackle.  Although this glaze may crackle in time, it is unlikely to be noticeable as the lines will be very fine.  

2) Natural Crackle. Looks very like Non-Crackle pictured above but has the same naturallly occurring crackle as the Crackle Glaze.

3) Crackle

4)  Antique

For glaze colours see "Glaze Tints" under Single Tiles


This unique finish was developed by the Studio several years ago to have the feel and look of old fresco walls.  It is not a glaze in the conventional sense, but has a satin finish with a slightly textured look.  Subtle muted colour tones can be achieved with this process which can blend well with painted surfaces.

The tiles are fired to 1040 degrees C and sealed to make them impervious to water or staining, they therefore can be used in bathrooms or kitchens and are easily maintained.  NOTE: NOT SUITABLE FOR FLOORS

Whatever design is chosen with a  Fresco finish, the plain tiles will be matching in background colour.