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CUP02 Adams Cups


A variation on the Chartier cups. Based on French designs from the early 19th C.

CUP02-01 (two ladies)

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CUP02-01 (two ladies)

Tile Size 5x5"
Single Tile £25.00
Tile Options
Glazed Edge +£0.60
Crackled Glaze +£0.20
Mixed Whites +£0.30

Note: Delivery and VAT at 20% are applicable on sample orders.

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  • CUP02-01 (two ladies)
    (two ladies)
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    (sea horse)
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Range Details

Tile Material: Ceramic
Tile Type: Standard, Rustic
Tile Suitability: Indoor Wall
Tile Finish: Crackle, Non-crackle, Rustic
Subject: Cups
Style: Traditional
Background Colour: White, Cream, Pale Blue
Decoration Colour: Polychrome

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Colours Various shades of white are possible which are very effective when mixed.

Fresco A unique finish developed by us to give a satin finish.  This is not a glaze but is durable and fired to 1040 degrees. Suitable for all interior walls but NOT FLOORS.

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