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Tile Shapes

There are three standard sizes for our square hand made tiles: 100x100 mm (4"x4"), 127x127 mm (5"x5") and 150x150 mm (6"x6").  The thickness for all tiles is 9 mm.  We make all our tiles ourselves in our studio in Oxfordshire.  

3 tile sizes

Pictured above from left: Cream Natural Crackle, 4"x4", Pale Blue Rustic Crackle, 5"x5", and Soft White Crackle, 6"x6".

brick tiles  

brick tile installed

As well as square tiles we produce Brick shape (Subway) tiles (above).  These are 75x150 mm (3"x6"), 62x127 (2.5"x5") and 100x200 mm (4"x8"). Shown here in a white crackle glaze, but any of our glazes are possible.


We also make Scallop tiles or Fishscale tiles.  These are 80x70 mm, £400.20 (plus VAT) per square metre, and 140x115 mm, £257.60 per square metre.  Shown here with green glaze and mixed white glazes 

mixed glaze scallops

scallop tiles

The photographs above and below  show Scallop tiles tiles with a mixture of greens and blue glazes.  Below the tiles are arranged "downwards" with a copper green glaze.

green glaze scallop

The Moorish tiles shown here are mixed whites, but they can be glazed in any of our standard colours.

moorish tile

Special Sizes

This Fighting Ships plaque was made to fit in at the top of a fireplace.  All the other tiles (also battleships) were standard 13x13 cm, but in order to fill the space we needed to make this tile slightly wider.


fireplace tiles

We can cut tiles to any size not greater than 17cm in one dimension, so 17 x 30 cm is possible.  This is especially useful for fitting tiles into fireplace surrounds as in the "Birds" fireplace.

In this Colour Block panel, we used several non-standard sizes, cut to fit.

red and gold